Bylaws of 1A Faculty Athletics Representatives

Article One: Name and Mission Statement

(a) Name
The organization shall be called 1A Faculty Athletics Representatives, or 1A FAR.

(b) Mission statement
1A FAR advocates for the effective integration of, as well as an academic and fiscal balance between, an institution’s academic mission and its intercollegiate athletics program.

Article Two: Purpose and Organizational Principles

(a) Purpose
1A FAR addresses issues unique to Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), formerly called Division 1A, institutions. Those matters include, among others, the counterbalancing of academic and athletics interests, of student-athlete welfare and competitive success, and of cost containment and additional revenue generation.

(b) Organizing principles
1A FAR engages in the following activities, among others:

  1. provides a forum for 1A FARs to discuss and act on issues specific to FBS institutions, such as advocating for effective integration of, as well as an academic and fiscal balance between, an institution’s academic mission and its intercollegiate athletics program;
  2. supports the roles of 1A FARs on each campus and provides a system to strengthen such roles;
  3. develops an effective faculty voice regarding student-athlete welfare, academic progress, and other issues unique to FBS institutions;
  4. facilitates a working relationship with other organizations/associations to identify shared issues, to agree on concrete and effective solutions, and to articulate a unified voice;
  5. facilitates working relationships with other policy-setting groups with a shared interest in FBS issues (e.g., academic senates or similar shared-governance structures and other campus-based or higher education entities);
  6. maintains a working relationship with the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association (FARA), while developing a distinct voice on topics specific to FBS institutions;
  7. studies and evaluates proposed NCAA legislation and informs 1A FAR members of the nature and implications of proposals that are of concern to those members; and
  8. proposes legislation when appropriate.

Article Three: Membership

All FARs who serve at active FBS institutions shall be members of 1A FAR.

Article Four: Board of Directors, Executive Committee, Officers, and Duties

(a) Composition and Duties of the Board of Directors

  1. The Board of Directors (BoD) shall consist of one and only one FAR from each FBS conference.
  2. The immediate past President of 1A FAR may represent an institution and conference already on the BoD by the very nature of the composition of the Executive Committee.
  3. The BoD shall be empowered to conduct the business of 1A FAR.

(b) Officers
The officers of 1A FAR shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, and a Secretary/Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected from and by the BoD.

(c) Selection of, vacancies on, and terms of office for the BoD

  1. Selection of each FBS conference’s representative to, and the replacement of any vacancy on, the BoD shall be left to the discretion of the FARs of the respective conference.
  2. The term of office of BoD members shall coincide with the terms of their positions as designated by their conferences.
  3. Newly selected conference representatives shall normally begin service on the BoD at the close of the annual 1A FAR meeting.
  4. Conferences may reappoint a 1A FAR to serve on the BoD.
  5. Conferences shall inform the 1A FAR Secretary/Treasurer of any changes in their representation.

(d) Executive Committee
The three elected officers and the immediate past President shall serve for a period of two years as the Executive Committee (EC).

(e) Terms of office for, vacancies among, and duties for the Officers of the BoD

  1. The President, elected for a two-year term,
    (a) shall serve as the chief executive officer (CEO) of 1A FAR and chair of the 1A FAR BoD and EC;

    (b) shall plan and administer the affairs of 1A FAR and create the agenda for the annual 1A FAR meeting;

    (c) shall make, subject to the approval of the EC, any appointments required by these bylaws or appointments considered necessary for conducting of the affairs of 1A FAR; and

    (d) shall preside as chair at meetings of the Board and the 1A FAR.

  2. The Vice-President, elected for a two-year term,
    (a) shall assist the President; and

    (b) shall serve as President in case of the elected President’s absence, replacement by his/her institution, or inability to serve, thus assuming the duties of the President and performing all the obligations of the President to complete the unfinished term of office.

  3. The Secretary/Treasurer, elected for a two-year term,
    (a) shall record, file, and preserve the minutes of 1A FAR BoD and business meeting;

    (b) shall oversee the election of officers, supervise the 1A FAR Web site, and coordinate communications (including electronic) between the EC and the 1A FAR membership;

    (c) shall prepare the 1A FAR budget, in consultation with the President and designated NCAA staff; and

    (d) shall report on budgetary matters at 1A FAR meetings.

  4. Vacancies among the officers shall be filled by an emergency appointment made by the BoD. The appointed person shall serve the duration of the unexpired term and remain eligible for election to a subsequent full term.

Article Five: Meetings

(a) 1A FAR shall meet annually in conjunction with 1A Athletics Directors (1A AD) annual meeting.

(b) The BoD and the EC have the authority to determine the necessity of other meetings

(c) The President shall chair all meetings of the BoD, EC, and 1A FAR.

Article Six: Parliamentary Authority

(a) Committees – ad-hoc
The President, at the behest of the BoD or EC, may appoint ad-hoc committees for issues deemed of import to 1A FAR.

(b) Parliamentary procedure
Parliamentary procedure during 1A FAR meetings shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order (current edition).

Article Seven: Amendment of Bylaws and Resolutions

(a) Amendments

  1. Proposed amendments and other changes to the Bylaws may be developed by the EC or be cosponsored by at least five members and submitted in writing to the President..
  2. Members shall receive a copy of the proposed amendments at least 10 days prior to the meeting at which the proposed changes are to be considered.
  3. Adoption of proposed changes shall require a two-thirds majority of the members present and voting.

(b) Resolutions

  1. Any member of 1A FAR may offer a resolution to be considered at any 1A FAR meeting.
  2. The resolution must be submitted in writing to the President prior to the beginning of the meeting.
  3. The EC shall determine the applicability of the resolution to the nature and purposes of 1A FAR and its appropriateness for consideration by the membership.